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Burghead Sands

(Gordon Menzies, Gaberlunzie Music/Arr. Quigg & McCalman)

'A song from the Moray Firth village of Burghead, its fishermen and the North Sea. Written by Gordon Menzies of Gaberlunzie.'

Come again come again you Burghead men,
Who sail with the morning tide,
Come again, come again through the wind and the rain,
To the place where you'll always bide.

And you know as you stand on the Burghead sands,
Though the years be ten times ten,
You'll aye be a slave to the ocean wave,
Til you're back on the sea once again.

When the fishing's done the harvest won,
May good your boaties guide,
To the harbour gate where the women wait,
Til you're safely by their side.

Born in the lea of the great north sea,
Where the weeping willows lap,
Marry at birth to the Murray Firth,
At the deck o' a fishing craft.

Come again come again you Burghead men,
To the brocht where you'll aye belong,
To the druid's well the clavie's smell,
The oystercatcher's song

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