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Jamie Raeburn

(trad./Arr. Quigg & McCalman)

'Scotland sent lots of so called criminals to Van Diemans land. Jamie Raeburn comes across in this song as being a thoughtful man wondering what he did to deserve such a fate.'

Oh, my name is Jamie Raeburn, frae Glasgow toon I came,
My place and habitation I noo maun leave wi' shame.
Frae my place and habitation, I noo maun gang awa',
Far frae the bonnie hills and dales of Caledonia.

It was early in the morning, just by the break of day,
We were wakened by the turnkey who unto us did say:
Arise you heartless convicts, arise you ane and a',
This is the day you are to stray frae Caledonia.

We all arose, put on our clothes, our hearts were full of grief,
Our friends who stood around the coach could grant us no relief.
Our parents, wives and sweethearts, their hearts were broke in twa,
To see us leave the hills and dales of Caledonia.

Farewell my aged mother, I'm vexed for what I've done,
I hope none will cast up to you the race that I have run.
I hope you'll be provided for when I am far awa',
Far frae the bonnie hills and dales of Caledonia.

Farewell, my honest faither, you are the best of men,
And likewise to my own sweetheart, it's Catherine is her name.
Nae mair we'll walk by Clyde's clear stream or by the Broomielaw,
For I maun leave the hills and dales of Caledonia.

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