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River of Time

(Pernille R Quigg PRS/MCPS/Arr. Quigg & McCalman)

'A song for Nick. During Stephen's time as part of the McCalmans he worked closely with Nick Keir, who became a good friend to us both. Nick Keir died aged 60 in 2013 after a courageous battle with cancer. In his time he wrote many songs for and about other people – this one is for him.'

Pale grows the face,
Where sorrow prints it paw,
Great was the courage,
When you closed your eyes and saw.

Now your river of time run into the sea,
your river of time run to the sea.

True was your song,
On a distant shoreline gleams,
Like a young boy chasing,
A rainbow the colour of dreams.

Silent falls the rain,
On a summer's field in early June,
But the sun is seeking diamonds in the dew.

Empty lies the hall,
Where your voice rang bright and warm,
Echoing like a bell,
When the singing dreams have gone.

Large grows the moon,
O'er cobbled streets when lights are low,
Caught on your poet's hook,
You reeled it in then let it go.

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