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Up the Noran Water

(Jim Reid/Helen Cruickshank, Springtime Music/Arr. Quigg & McCalman)

'A song from the singing of Jim Reid, who put the tune to Helen Cruickshank's poignant words about a young mother belonging to the travelling community.'

Up the Noran Water
Doon by Inglismaddy,
Annie's got a bairnie
That hasna got a daddy.
Some think it's Tammas's
Some think it's Chay's;
Naebody expectit it,
Wi Annie's quiet ways.

Up the Noran Water
The bonnie little mannie
Is dandied close and cuddled in
Wi Inglismaddy's Annie.
Wha the bairnie's faither is
The lassie never says;
Some think it's Tammas's,
And ithers think it's Chay's.

Up the Noran Water
The country folk are kind:
And wha the bairnie's faither is
They dinna muckle mind.
But oh! the bairn at Annie's breist,
The love in Annie's ee
Wad mak me wish wi aa ma heart
That the lucky lad wis me!

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