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updated 5th January 2019

Hi Folks,

We have opened the 2019 calender and it's looking to be an exciting year with gigs already in the book and more to come. Stephen has the solo gigs up for January and the rest will follow at a later date. We are also expecting to start the recording of a new duo album early this year...more info will follow.

Check the gig list for regular updates, we hope to be seeing you in the near future for some live music!

Below is a great review from our recent gig in Corstophine.

"This was not The Quiggs first visit to the Dower House so the good folk of Corstorphine knew what to expect and they were not disappointed. A folk club like Corstorphine Folk needs its regular dose of joiny-in songs and choruses and you are guaranteed that with Stephen and Pernille. A fair number of new songs and plenty of old familiar ones but for me the Quiggs excel at the very close harmony numbers sung a cappella on one mike. Must be the mark of true artists that they can both hold their own part of the tune while the other is singing in their ear. The usual husband/wife banter was ever present but you always have the feeling that these two people are utterly comfortable with each other and very much in love - or am I just being an old romantic? There was not a single song tonight that I did not enjoy but my favourite was the Phil Ochs song When I'm Gone. This came hard on the heels of the great Pete Seeger classic Where Have All the Flowers Gone, a perfect vehicle for Pernille's clear, high soprano. The Quiggs are blessed with a rare musical talent and the Corstorphine regulars are hugely appreciative. Thanks for another great night and haste ye back." Kenneth Ferguson, Corstorphine folk.




"Unquestionably one of the best folk albums of the year", Mike Davies,

General news...

The Quiggs released their new CD "Seeds I Didn't Sow" in 2017, which is now available for purchase here on the website.

Here's a link to a fine review in


40 Years on the Road...

A milestone has been reached as Stephen has now entered his 40th year of singing...although he claims it just makes him feel old, it is only right to have a few words about it on the news page ;-) so creaking bones aside, here's how it all started...

Once upon a time there was a young boy in the town of Ardrossan, who decided that he didn't want to follow the usual route of a working life, (getting up early every morning maybe didn't appeal to him much). Although Stephen did have a job when he was 14 in the kitchen of a fine local establishment, they even wanted to send him to France to learn fine cooking (as he tells us often at the dinner table).

However, the culinary talents had to make way for musical ones, as Stephen started getting engaged in the local music scene. His older brother used to sing in a local folk group and brought home LPs of The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem from then on Stephen was hooked. The next step that followed was the purchase of an acoustic sunburst guitar. Stephen was still only about 14 years old, and so he managed to coax his parents into buying it for him, (they might have thought twice about it, had they known about the hours of constant practising Stephen would perform to the great annoyance of everyone in the house...even more so when he started to play the bodhran!) Stephen's playing improved though, and his parents never gave him anything but support in the pursuit of his dreams.

Many nights at the local folk club in Irvine followed, and before Stephen was able to drive himself, his father drove him up and down the country to do floor spots at folk clubs and so built up experience of performing to an audience. He later formed a duo with a friend, they called themselves the Lowlanders and they played in many a social and folk club with even a short stint to Norway. The duo didn't last though, and Stephen continued by building up a solo career. A busy schedule followed in the next many years with hotel gigs, clubs and much more. Stephen became a good friend to the guys in the very popular folk group The McCalmans, he started to organise the Highland Tour for the group and appeared as the opening act during the very successful tours in the 80's and 90's.

In 2001 Stephen was asked to join the group and so began a new part of his singing career as one third of the McCalmans. The group received several awards during the following years such as the Hamish Henderson Award and the induction into the Hall of Fame in 2004, the Danish folk prize in 2005 and the Scots trad award for Best Live Act of the Year in 2007. Stephen toured with the group all over Scotland, England, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands and so the years rolled on until Ian McCalman retired and the group finished up in 2010. Stephen then continued as a duo with Nick Keir until his untimely death in 2013.

Through all the years Stephen kept his solo career going alongside the group and duo work and still does so to this day. However, his wife, Pernille, brought back from a tour of Denmark, (payback for the viking raids) has joined him on the road as well as in life, and so the duo the Quiggs continue a long tradition of singing and touring. This is just a quick snapshot of Stephen's 40 years on the road, here's to many more...


photo Pete Heywood

The Quiggs

“The Quiggs” is a husband and wife duo that has emerged on to the Scottish folk scene in the last few years. Stephen Quigg is a long established folksinger and former member of the legendary band “The McCalmans” and Pernille Quigg, originally from Denmark, is a folksinger and songwriter.
Together they comprise “The Quiggs”.

Stephen and Pernille share a common feeling for the tradition of folksong and both know a good song when they hear it. The combination of songs both old and new interspersed with anecdotes and a touch of humour has received much praise from the audiences and organisers. A concert with The Quiggs is a chance to hear folksong in its simple, yet highly expressive form, including beautiful harmonies and songs that seek the audience's participation.

A bit about the individuals:

Stephen Quigg, former member of the legendary folk group The McCalmans, has performed as a folksinger for now 40 years. He continued to work solo alongside his career in the group and has toured extensively across Europe and of course the length and breadth of Scotland. Stephen's repertoire ranges from traditional ballads to footstomping songs of battle well mixed with a certain amount of humor. Stephen blends contemporary and traditional material with ease which ensures a varied evening. Stephen accompanies himself on guitar, bodhran and occasionally banjo and with an outstanding voice, you can watch him capture the attention of any audience.

Pernille Quigg is of Danish origin but has been living on the west coast of Scotland for the past 11 years. As the surname reveals, she married into the Scottish folk scene and has now herself become part of that scene. Pernille sings and plays guitar, her repertoire extends from traditional to contemporary to self-penned songs – the common denominator may be, that they all have a story to tell. Pernille released her debut album “Driftwood” in 2013, which received fine reviews in print and it was also aired on both Danish Radio and on BBC's Radio Scotland amongst others.

Here is a link to a review of a concert by the Quiggs in Hilldale.

Previous CD Release from Pernille & Stephen Quigg

The album containing 15 songs was recorded through a relatively short period of time between October 2014 and March 2015 at Ian McCalman's studio Kevock Digital. The songs were recorded as 'live' as possible, with only a few extra harmonies and some instrumentation added afterwards.

"I've nothing to gain by saying this, because the Macs are a thing of the past, but this album by Stephen and Pernille is a real cracker. There's a lovely combination of old and new and the balance of the two voices is magic. I thoroughly recommend It." Ian McCalman  


The McCalmans Collection

Stephen's new album "The McCalmans Collection" is available to order here on the website. The CD has 18 tracks on it, all songs in which Stephen took the lead vocal during his years with the group. It's a brilliant collection of songs and quite a special memento to have!



Here's a review of the McCalmans Collection printed in the Living Tradition Magazine.


Nick Keir (1953-2013)

"Nick Keir was a singer, songwriter, master musician and a man, who loved Edinburgh, the city where he lived. He was one of the most witty, generous and thoughtful of people I have ever known. We spent 10 years together on the road with the McCalmans and another year working as a duo after the McCalmans finished in 2010. During that time he would keep Ian and myself entertained with some of the funniest one-liners you're ever likely to hear. Sadly Nick died on 2nd of June taken too early - he was only 60. "

read the full obituary here in the Living Tradition Magazine.


Stephen's gig list has been updated with all the gigs so far but there's always new stuff coming in so check out the gigs page for dates and venues. For more information contact us at or fill in the form on the contact page



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